Socio-economic and opportunity mapping Assessment report for Gazira State

25 Oct 2010

Socio-economic opportunity mapping assessment for Gezira state was conducted during from 26th to 28th  Oct 2010 the assessment was carried out by a joint team from Central Sector Commission and UNDP central the team members are two, one from Central Sector Commission and one from UNDP central. The main purpose of the assessment is to identify the operational environment, institutional setup, community services, and socio-economic situation in Gezira state which may enhance or delay implementation of reintegration activities and to use the gathered information for better planning for the reintegration services to DDR programme.

The assessment also will act as starting point for community sensitization about DDR programme and come up with recommendations and lesson learned on best strategy that could be adopted for DDR programme as well as to identify strategy on how to cover this state by DDR programme. The assessment team adopted different approaches for information collection and gathering such as meetings, observation, questionnaire, group discussion and individual interviews.

The assessment for Gezira state indicated that the most potential employment opportunities providers with possible job opportunities for ex-combatants in the state is in agriculture (irrigated) livestock, fisheries, food processing and small business. The state represented by its center between the states of Sudan, where it is connected with good roads transportation on ground with Khartoum, Sinnar, White Nile, Gedarif and North Kordofan state.

The study recognized that there is a lack of information about DDR programme at the state level, an intensive public information activities for all stakeholders about DDR programme is required from central sector commission, taking in consideration experiences of the DDR programme from areas such as Eastern, Blue Nile and South Kordofan and Involvement of the national and the local media to disseminate information to increase the awareness of communities about DDR programme and peace culture.


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