Youth tell the world what youth policy is like in their countries

03 Mar 2015 by Nahla Mahmoud

I had the pleasure of visiting Baku, Azerbaijan towards the end of 2014, where I met with 700 inspirational policy makers and youth from 166 countries for the first ever Global Forum on Youth Policies. Being the UNDP Sudan Youth Focal Point, I have to say I’ve always wanted to meet with youth through different platforms to know how far they are engaged in development processes in their countries, and if not, try to understand why they are not engaged. So for me, the forum provided a unique platform for inter-generational dialogue, for pinpointing the bottlenecks in the implementation of youth policies and for bringing forward the priorities of youth. With so many bright young minds in the room, the forum breathed fresh air and energy into our work. Their high spirits was contagious and it made me feel young and vibrant again! The forum was co-organized by the Office of the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, UNDP, UNESCO and, the Council of Europe and hosted by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Youth and Sports. What were the three key inspirations from the forum? First of all, Youth are the leaders for change, so make it work! At this moment, the world … Read more

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