Sudan Talks

A Series of Dialogue to Advance Human Development in Sudan

About Sudan Talks

Sudan Talks are a series of dialogues on key development issues in Sudan aimed at stimulating public debate, generating ideas; broadening understanding of development issues, and enhancing transparency and accountability in Sudan. They also aim to strengthen public support for efforts to improve the lives of people in Sudan, and to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among the many parties involved in advancing the development process in the country.

The socioeconomic and political landscape of Sudan has changed in a significant way following the secession of South Sudan. The oil loss has created huge pressure on the budget as well as on the external balance. The domestic and external shocks have reinforced the increased cost of living and are likely to impact negatively on poverty, MDGs achievement and human development in Sudan. The current situation, its challenges and opportunities require careful consideration and discussion between key actors of the public domain to answer the following questions:

·         What does it take to eradicate all extreme forms of poverty in Sudan and help advance human development by 2030?
·         Can the drivers of development help Sudan reach continuous, environmentally and socially sustainable economic growth?
To answer these questions, UNDP Sudan has partnered with leading development institutions  and  experts in various fields -informed by the global post-2015 debate - to unfold the concept of sustainable human development and what it means, or could mean for Sudan.
To date, two sessions have taken place based under the following themes:  

First Round: Drivers for Development (August 25th, 2013): a proactive developmental state, tapping of global markets, and determined social policy innovation.

Notes of the First Round:

- Arabic version
- English version

Video Clips of the First Round:
- Arabic version
- English version

Second Round: Human Dimensions of Growth (September 29th, 2013): social cohesion/protection, health care, environment conservation, and investment in education and technology.

- Arabic version
- English version

The human dimension of growth - Dr. Ibtisam Satti Ibrahim, Deputy Dean Faculty of Economic & Social Studies
- Arabic version
- English version

Third Round: #Sudan2030 - The Future is Here:
Sudan Embarks on a New Foresighting Experience to Enhance Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Emerging futures and signals of change are constantly a topic of interest in Sudan, given the various socioeconomic complexities that are constantly shaping and modifying the modern face of the country.

Cognizant of this interest, UNDP in collaboration with the Institute for Future (IFTF) and Futurescaper organized the first foresighting event in Sudan on November 2, 2014 to explore the use of foresighting methodologies for strategic planning and decision-making in the Sudanese context.