This film provides a rare insight into the beauty of Sudan and the shared sentiments and hopes of the Sudanese people for a more united future; working together as one. It has been filmed across the country, with the sole aim of capturing people’s perceptions of their identity and their country and to celebrate the Sudanese’s diversity.

Hakamat Calling Sudan

This video is shot in North Kordofan State in Sudan which is suffering from rapid desertification as a product of Global Warming and humanly invoked deforestation. In North Kordofan, Turning Tables engaged a group of Hakamat – traditional female war chanters – and challenged them to make a song about what is happening to the land, why the men are leaving, how the women undertake all the work and how the scarcity of resources inflicts their lives.

Faces from Sudan

Mustafa Hassan: I see this nomination as an opportunity to highlight the work of humanitarian workers all over the world.

Mustafa, we are indeed very pleased to interview you our in Faces From Sudan series  following the announcement of your name by Times Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people around the world! You must be very pleased indeed.

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